We provide a Christian accountability housing program helping homeless, previously incarcerated people, and/or parolees by assisting them enter a residency program using biblical principles as well as practical teachings and life skills training for a successful re-entry into society. We have multiple transitional houses in Clay County for both men and women.

We assist those seeking help in the following areas to:

  • Learn and practice basic biblical principles
  • Learn and practice basic life skills
  • Seek educational opportunities
  • Participate in regular bible studies
  • Enhance relationship with their family
  • Refrain from individuals, communities, and/or activities that lead to incarceration
  • Life skills training - including teachings on anger management, addiction counseling, conflict resolution, decision-making, self-esteem, assertiveness training, parenting skills, etc.

Residents are required to work, volunteer, or go to school 40 hours per week.  Crossing Home Moorhead is a self pay safe housing opportunity.  We do not accept GRH or other government funding.

If you would like an application please email Chaplain Ryan, crossinghomemoorhead@gmail.com.