How to Help


We are looking for people willing to partner with others in leading a variety of classes offered to residents in the Clay County Correctional Facility and Juvenile center. View our current programming opportunities which will have more to come. We can also use volunteers to help mentor residents of the Crossing Home Moorhead housing.

Letter writing to people incarcerated is a great way to help encourage others, and it’s another way to visit people if you are unable to go into the correctional facility, or in addition to that part of the ministry.

If you are good at fundraising or planning and running events, we can use your help with our fundraising and other annual events we host throughout the year.


We can always use your prayers. If you need specific items to pray for, you may use the following list:

  • That God blesses this organization and that it is pleasing to him
  • For those that are currently in our Fargo–Moorhead jails
  • For the police and organizations that have been so helpful in this process
  • For the volunteers working to organize this effort
  • How you can help and your willingness to step in when called
  • Any other prayers that can offer love, support, and healing


You can help our mission by volunteering. Once we receive your information, one of our team members will contact you and invite you to an upcoming training session, typically held every other month, where you will learn more about the volunteer opportunities we have available. If you will be volunteering directly with people in one of the facilities or Crossing Home, then you will also need to have a background check completed.


You have probably heard the phrase “It takes a village to raise a child”, meaning they are influenced wherever they go including school, church, friend’s house, etc. The same is true of our brothers and sisters we are helping transition back into society. We need people to spend time with them, taking them to a move, maybe fishing or shopping. These moments in time allow for opportunities to encourage them and help their spiritual growth as they are learning how to do things differently.

This can be a scary time for some, and to do it alone is virtually impossible. We need a village of people to help with their growth and development.


Donations go directly towards ministry items including study material for the programming in the correctional facility such as bibles and text books. It also helps fund initial scholarships for the first month of residency if someone has nothing at the time of moving in. As with any business, there are costs of running a non-profit such as insurance, licensing, and other fees necessary to maintain our ministry.